About Scout FM

At Scout FM, our mission is to find you something good to listen to — something to make you more informed about the world, make you smarter, make you better at your job or life, or to just entertain you.
Combining human curation with the power of data and AI

We create talk radio stations with the latest, highest quality radio shows and podcasts, and then personalize these stations for each listener. We pay attention to what you, and everyone, are actually listening to so that our recommendations can get even better over time.

Designed for a world augmented by voice

Scout FM is different than most podcast listening experiences because it is designed for voice interfaces, like smart speakers and voice assistants. We believe that the best time to listen is when you’re doing something else, like driving, running, or doing chores. These are the same times when a voice assistant is the most convenient and safest. We also believe that the era of the voice assistant has just begun. In the future, your voice assistant will always be with you, whether that’s at home, in your car, or in your headphones. Wherever the voice assistant is, we’ll be there too.

A history of connecting audiences and creators

We were founded in 2017 by Cara Meverden, Saul Carlin, and Dan McCartney, who met while working to bring readers and writers together at Medium. The Scout FM team spent nine months experimenting, interviewing, testing, and iterating while working on a pilot version under the codename Subcast. Some things worked, and some things didn’t, and after scores of user interviews, 30 experimental Alexa skills, and talking to dozens of major podcast producers about the future of smart speakers, we launched Scout FM.

The Scout FM Team

Cara Meverden
Cara met her co-founders while leading product for Medium’s publisher initiative in 2016. Prior to Medium, Cara led product at Indiegogo and was a senior product manager at Twitter responsible for introducing native photos to the platform. Cara studied computer science before moving across the country to work on AdSense at Google.

Saul Carlin
Saul led the media partnerships team at Medium that integrated professional publishers such as Bill Simmons’ The Ringer, ThinkProgress, and The Awl Network. Prior to Medium, Saul was a director of business and corporate development at Politico.

Dan McCartney
Dan led software development teams at Medium and built its Android app. Prior to Medium, Dan was a developer for Klout and GrubHub, where he built web, mobile and backend systems in the lead-up to the company’s IPO. Dan built voice-assistants for battlefield medics at a defense contractor.

Aaron Dodson
Aaron is a bearded creative type, who is passionate about solving problems for users, and making beautiful digital things. While nerding out about type, color and user experience,  he's helped startups all over the world work and look their best. Prior to Scout FM, Aaron was part of design teams for Toyota, Oakley, Broadcom, and more.

Contact Scout FM

Want to get ahold of Scout FM? Drop us a note at yourfriends@scout.fm. We'd love to hear from you!

Looking for our press kit? Download it here.

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