We're here to help. If you can't find the answer to your question in this FAQ, just drop a note to yourfriends@scout.fm and we'll get you sorted.

How do I listen to Scout FM on my Alexa?
Ask "Alexa, open Scout FM" and you'll be dropped into the Scout FM Alexa experience.

Also, most of the stations that are in our apps are also on Alexa as standalone skills. You can see all of the skills in the station guide, and also here on Amazon.

To enable a new station, just say (for example) “Alexa, enable Business Builder Radio.” Once you enable it, you can just say “Alexa, open Business Builder Radio.”

How do I sync up my phone and my Alexa?
You can sync any of our Alexa skills to the app so that your listening experience is seamless. 

From the app, find the card for the station and flip it over by hitting the “i” button. If the station has a skill on Alexa, then there will be a link that says “+Alexa”. Hit that link, and then follow the instructions. It’s easy! You just enable the skill on Alexa and then ask it to connect. It’ll give you a four digit code - enter it into your phone and they are synced.

We have more than one person using Scout FM in my home. Can we have multiple accounts on one Alexa?
Right now you can only have one account paired with a single station. You’ll just have to decide who gets which station.

Do you have A CarPlay app?
Nope. Should we? Let us know! Write us at yourfriends@scout.fm and vote for it. We’re always trying to figure out what to do next.

What happens when I "heart" an episode that I like?
A few things happen. First, we’ll make a note that you like that show, and next time you visit if there is a new episode of that show we’ll play it for you first. If you like a lot of shows, we’ll put the one you like the most first. Second, we’re paying attention to what other people who liked that show liked. This will let us start guessing about what other shows on that station you will like too. Third, you’re helping the whole Scout FM community. We’re looking for rock star episodes - the really, really good ones - and when we find them we’ll let people know not to miss them.

What happens when I trash can an episode?
Trash can is the nuclear option. Only use it if you HATE that show and just never want to hear it again. We remove it from your lineup, so you’ll never hear it again on any station.

I accidentally hearted a show I don’t like. How do I undo it?
We don’t have a way to do this yet, but you can write us at yourfriends@scout.fm and we’ll help you out.

I accidentally trashed a show I really like! How do I undo it?
We don’t have a way to do this yet, but you can write us at yourfriends@scout.fm and we’ll gladly un-trash it for you.

I heard an episode that I love a few days ago, and now I can’t find it. What do I do?
We’re thinking about ways to make this easy to find. In the mean time, just write us at yourfriends@scout.fm. We’d be happy to help.

I have a great suggestion for a show for my favorite channel. What should I do?
You can write us at yourfriends@scout.fm, or tweet at us @scoutdotfm. We love suggestions!

I want to create my own station with all my favorite podcasts. Why can’t I do that?
If it’s just for your own use, we’re thinking about how to make that a reality.

If you think other people would like to listen to your station, then reach out and we can see if there’s an opportunity to create a new station. Write us at yourfriends@scout.fm with the station idea, some example podcasts, and ideas for creating a community.

I’m a podcast creator and I want a station for all of my podcasts. Can you help me?
You bet. Reach out to yourfriends@scout.fm and specify your podcasts, your listenership, and if you are interested in an in-app station or an Alexa skill or both.

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