How to import your podcasts into Scout FM

There are two ways to import your favorite podcasts into Scout FM. (1) You can add one podcast at a time using an  RSS address, or (2) import podcasts from another app with an OPML file.

The secret 3rd option is email the names of your podcasts to and we’ll add them for you

(1) Add podcasts one at a time using an RSS address
An RSS address is like the web address for the podcast feed. Just like with a website, it always starts with “http”. It looks like this: (if you click on this it will look like code)

You will find the RSS address for the podcast and then add it to a station by pasting it into the show browser. Let’s walk through how that works.

First, let’s find the RSS address. Most podcasts have the RSS address on their website. You can also try googling for it.

When you find a button like the one below, press down on it until the option to “Copy” appears.

Next, find the station you want to add the show to in Scout FM and hit the small gear to go into the editor. You can only add shows to stations that you created.

Once in the editor, tap a square with a “+” button, which means “Add Show”.

In the show browser, paste the RSS address into the search bar. (Hold and press the search bar so you are prompted to paste.)

Once you paste in the address, the show will appear below. Just hit the little purple “+” button, and the the “Done” button. Now your show will be imported.

(2) Import all of your podcasts from another app using OPML import (Android only - iOS coming soon!)
Most podcast apps store all of your subscriptions in a format called “OPML”. Most apps also have a way to export the OPML. We want to export the OPML file from your other app, store it on your phone, and then it into Scout FM.
To import the OPML file into Scout FM:Open the side menuTap Import Podcasts. This will take you to a file browers. Find and tap on your OPML file.
Once you import your podcasts, they will be available in the Show Browser to add to any of your personal stations.

To export OPML files, here are the instructions for various apps:

Pocket Casts


Visit Settings
Select OPML export
(this will save the file to your local phone)


Tap Settings
Select Backup and Restore
Tap Export To OPML
Select Export Feeds

Podcast & Radio Addict

Open Settings
Tap Backup/Restore
Select Subscriptions only – Backup
Tap OK

Player FM/Podcast Player

Open[your username]/fm.opml
the file to your device